Real Estate FAQs

Mortgages are different today so if you are a first time buyer or this is not your first purchase check
out the articles they explain some of the newer loans out there. And today lenders have to go by much
different guidelines than even just a couple years ago. Some frequently asked questions are here
on this site to give you an over view some of the options available.
Downpayments can be as low as 5% of the purchase price. VA loans available to some veterans
can be 0% down and FHA loans may 3%  down.  There are special loans for various communities
When we first meet,  I will help you evaluate what programs might work for your situation.
Even sellers can help a buyer who is short on total funds necessary to purchase.
Please contact me if you have specific questions.  We are here to help you!

                                                                                                 Susan Cooney